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Acute and Swing Bed Services at CHRISTUS Coushatta

Making a commitment to getting better is the most important step you can take on the road to recovery. Matrix Therapy Solutions, LLC of Coushatta is here to support you through the healing process during your stay at CHRISTUS Coushatta Health Care Center. All of our therapy treatment plans are developed under the supervision of a physician, while skilled nursing care provides continuous monitoring and patient/family education. When it is deemed necessary, your inpatient plan of care will include Physical, Occupational, and/or Speech Therapy.

Physical Therapy rehabilitates injuries or illnesses, builds strength, prevents falls, and maximizes mobility. Our focus is to help you resume your normal level of function and return to your previous living environment as independently and safely as possible. Occupational Therapy is also available to maximize performance and safety with daily self-care tasks, increase strength and endurance, and improve coordination. Speech Therapy can address deficits in swallowing, speech, and cognition. We use evidence-based, hands-on therapy techniques that quickly produce powerful results. Therapy services are offered in conjunction with Skilled Nursing, Radiology, Telemedicine, Nutrition Services, Diabetes Education, Pulmonology, and Social Work.

During Acute hospital stays, Therapy is offered to prevent further functional decline during the healing process. If extended Therapy is indicated, our Swing Bed Program may be a perfect option. Our Swing Bed Program provides an extended care opportunity if you are continuing to recover and not quite physically able to return home. Patients may be transferred from Acute care to Swing Bed status without ever leaving the hospital, and the Swing Bed Program is often covered by Medicare as well as many private insurance plans. Even if you are in another hospital or facility, you can transfer to our Swing Bed Program at CHRISTUS Coushatta Health Care Center. This allows you to be closer to home, family, and friends during your recovery.

For more information about our Swing Bed Program at CHRISTUS Coushatta Health Care Center, contact Brandon Hillman at (318) 932-2000.

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Matrix Therapy Solutions, LLC partners with CHRISTUS Coushatta Health Care Center to meet all of your inpatient and outpatient Therapy needs. The facility has been exclusively offering our therapy solutions since 2013. CHRISTUS has achieved impressive results in their Swing Bed Program as a result of the comprehensive and consistent care provided by Matrix.

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