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Why Refer Your Patients to Matrix Therapy Solutions, LLC?

As a physician, you may find that a number of your patients are in need of Outpatient Therapy at some point in their treatment plan or recovery after surgery. For those patients who live in or around Red River Parish, the drive to larger neighboring cities can often be a burden and negatively impact their overall recovery. We can offer your patients the quality care they deserve, close to home. This can alleviate the physical and financial demands associated with frequent travel and allow your patients to focus on what is most important – getting better.

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Our Therapy Services Under Your Guidance

We will keep you informed of your patients' progress on a regular basis, and communicate readily if any changes or concerns arise during our care. We will also follow the post-surgical protocols that you recommend, to ensure that your patients progress at the rate that you deem appropriate. We will also encourage your patients to keep all of their follow-up appointments with you, and send documentation of their progress to those appointments for your review.

Our team is ready to provide Outpatient Therapy services to meet your patients' individual needs. Contact us today!

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